When your equipment is down due to an emergency or long lead times and you need custom heaters in a hurry, why wait? Southwest Heater & Controls offers rapid shipment on custom heaters and sensors that usually require 3-4 weeks lead time for delivery.






Power Controls and Relays



SCR Controls

Solid state power controllers provide SCR control, heatsink, wiring, and touch-safe exterior in one package to complement the rapid switching required by PID temperature controls and help deliver optimum system performance and service life.


Types of SCR Controls

SSR Relays

Solid state relays provide longer heater life. They replace mercury displacement relays, which are no longer produced due to the environmental hazards associated with mercury.* SSR Relays can be ordered with all the components necessary for easy mounting.


Types of SSR Relays



*Safe disposal of mercury displacement relays


For detailed information on specific controls and relays, including spec sheets, go to the Literature section.

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