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Temperature Control Panels

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SWHC has been providing industrial heating and control solutions since 1980 offering industrial grade custom-built temperature control panels designed to meet the customers’ requirements. Standard and custom control panels are made to order from simple single zone up to sophisticated multi-zone temperature control systems. Applications are carefully reviewed by our technical staff to determine the best SWHC panel resource for the control project.

Typical Applications:

  • Process Cylinder and Die Temperature Control
  • Rubber and Polymer fusing
  • Test Fixture Heating
  • Paint Drying and Curing
  • Aerospace Composite Curing
  • Chemical Coating
  • Fluid Circulation Heating
  • Duct Heating
  • Heat Treating
  • Holding Tanks
  • Thermoforming

Our Manufacturers

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SWHC™ – Southwest Heater & Controls

SWHC™ custom-built control panels come with a variety of options. Our panels come in NEMA rated enclosures with choices for simple on-off control to sophisticated PID digital temperature control, multiple sensor inputs, outputs, high limit alarms, transformers, safety power disconnects, mechanical contactors, solid state relays, SCR power controls, internal circuitry, primary & secondary fusing, zone labels & legends, termination blocks and wiring schematics. In addition, we offer technical support to ensure a smooth start up and operation on control panels.


Watlow standard control panels can be quickly configured to application specific requirements and delivered within short delivery lead times. WATCONNECT panels integrate Watlow’s high-quality heater, sensor, temperature control and power controller products to form a complete turnkey thermal process solution.


Tempco made-to-order control panels can be designed and engineered to complete most process heating applications. Tempco ships control panels pre-wired eliminating the need for the end user to design their own control system, purchase separate components or construct their own working temperature control system.

Chromalox® Control Panels

Having over sixty years designing custom temperature and power control systems Chromalox offers pre-engineered -field proven standard and custom-built control panels to your specifications.