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Rust Preventatives Ensure Complete Mold Protection

Slide Products highlights its line of oil-based and liquid rust preventative solutions, recognizing the necessity of regular maintenance for smooth mold-related operations.

Recognizing that not all formulations work as a “one size fits all,” Slide Products provides moldmakers a full range of quality rust preventative solutions from oil-based aerosols to liquid compounds. Rust preventives play a crucial role in keeping plastic injection mold equipment and operations up and running when properly used as part of a regular maintenance program.

Mold Shield Rust Preventive Spray (42910P) is a distinctive dry formula that protects against fingerprint acids and seals out condensation. This non-silicone, non-wax spray can armor molds for up to two years. It delivers a non-penetrating mist into ejector pin sleeves, slides, cams and other moving parts while displacing water condensation and unwanted residue.

Photo Credit: Slide Products

A one-step product formulated with no chlorinated solvents, No-Rust Rust Preventive Spray (40212M) displaces moisture and shields molds from condensation. This formula is best used as a safeguard on stamp dies, stripper plates, precision instruments, machine tools or ground steel since it affords a five-year protection.

For a food-grade choice, Slide offers an NSF-certified product, White Rhino Rust Preventive (46710P), a fast-drying option to protect against moisture and light acids. It is self-cleaning and offers a two-year coverage from oxidation for food packaging applications.

The Acid Vapor Neutralizer Rust Preventive (No. 440) is especially effective to protect molds when using PVC and flame-retardant resins. It also provides dual protection against moisture, hydrochloric acids, atmospheric corrosives and fingerprints.

For best practices of the selection and use of rust preventives, Slide Products recommends customers read “Rust Preventives Selection and Use” provided by the company. In conjunction with its product line, Slide also offers its complimentary Top Tier Service program to assist in best practices training, productivity assessments and other services.


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